Tammy Ridout

will be a

Proactive Supervisor

for Dale District

While Chesterfield County overall is indeed a First Choice Community, as a resident of Dale, I witness daily the disparities between the districts within.  It is doubtless that Dale lacks a strong visionary leader, a vocal full-time advocate on the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors.  The Dale District is the gateway to Chesterfield, yet too many of my neighbors feel they must move farther out into the county to enjoy a better quality of life.  We lack affordable housing options, business development, and employment opportunities that are cultivated by representatives in other areas.  We endure high crime and poverty levels as well as a higher rate of ESL students.  With these characteristics, Dale does not attract young professionals or families to our aging communities.  Without change, the deterioration will continue into the foreseeable future.

For the last decade I have personally observed a lack of thoroughness and communication between the citizens of Dale and the incumbent Supervisor.  My neighbors should be afforded input before critical decisions (such as zoning approvals that negatively impact property values and the integrity of the immediate area) are made, not afterwards.  A Supervisor should be available to walk with them through their concerns.  We deserve a Supervisor who supports enriching the healthy development of our families.  One who supports our School Board in their efforts to increase literacy and opportunities for our Dale students. 

Dale Deserves Better.  I intend to be a proactive Supervisor focused on Revitalization and Responsible Growth, Public Safety and Engagement of our youth and aging populations here in Dale.  My years of leadership demonstrate my ability to build bridges among all stakeholders to make impactful, positive and sustainable decisions for our community.  Our county population will continue to increase and diversify so it is vital that we immediately address the needs of the Dale District.  Let’s embrace a change, divert from the current path of rising crime and poverty, vacant commercial buildings and stagnant real estate property values that have so obviously overwhelmed the 12 year long incumbent.  The time is now.
Dale. Deserves. Better.


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VOTE NOV. 5th, Tammy Ridout for Dale District Board of Supervisor 

Dale Deserves Better

Some areas that need our support and direction for Dale District.

Revitalization & Responsible Growth 
Create focused, thoughtful, achievable plans to enhance our surroundings and attract small retail and mixed-use development with increased commercial and light industry in the Airport Industrial Park.

Public Safety 
Develop community led efforts to combat crime by fostering resilient, collaborative relationships between our public safety personnel, first responders, business owners and citizens.

Quality of Life 
Cultivate Engagement Programs that encourage healthy lifestyles for our youth and aging populations through opportunities available from the Dept. of Parks and Recreation, private partnerships and block grants. Provide ample support to our schools and maintain open lines of communication between the School Board and Board of Supervisors.